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Donkey and Hippo Customized Wedding Fondant Figurines

12 Jul

Marry me!

#happycakestudio #donkeyhippolove #wedding #fondanttoppers

Wedding Fortune Cookies

10 Dec

Had the privilege of baking for this lovely couple who wanted to share their love story via fortune cookies for their wedding!

Lots of experiments and exploration of recipes till I found the perfect one!

Packaging and fortune messages are all lovingly designed by the couple!

Wishing you guys a blissful marriage!

#happycakestudio #marriage #fortunecookies

Batman & Wonder Woman Superhero Wedding Cupcakes for a very lovely couple! 

5 Nov

Wedding Cake with Bride & Groom Cupcakes! 

19 Mar



Floral Lace Cake for W & S’s wedding! 

25 Nov


Noel and Daphne’s Wedding Cupcakes!

2 Jul

IMG_9628 IMG_9644 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo6 photo7

Wedding Cake for Raymond & Deshiell!

9 Mar

Surprise Cake for a Wedding!
Congrats Raymond and Deshiell!

Wedding Cake with all the things that the couple love!

24 Jan

IMG_5723 IMG_5760 IMG_5767 IMG_5776

Bridesmaids Cupcakes!

18 Jan


Bridesmaids Cupcakes!
From the Sweet Bride to her Bridesmaids!