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Minnie Mouse Fondant Topper

2 Mar


Cupcakes for KX’s 21st!

24 Mar


Stitch Cake!

23 May

IMG_8294 IMG_8295

A surprise cake from Rebekah to her sister!

Chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache for the chocolate lover!

Hello Kitty Cake & Sweet Pink Cupcakes!

15 Dec

IMG_5528 IMG_5550 IMG_5557 IMG_5562 IMG_5569

Decorated Cookies and a Crown Topper!

9 Oct

Decorated Cookies!

Made Decorated Cookies for Ashven’s 1st birthday!

In lovely shades of white, light blue and dark blue!

All lovingly hand piped and decorated!

Crown Cookies!

His theme for the celebration is blue and has crown decorations.

Cookies in Ashven’s initials!

Ashven’s mum also requested for a blue fondant crown to be made as a topper for his cake!

Ashven’s Blue Crown Topper!

Made it nice and simple with a No.1 gracing the front of the crown!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration! =)