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Pororo Cake for Kiana’s 2nd Birthday!

24 Jun

Pororo Cake for Kiana’s 2nd Birthday!

Lovely to bake for you!

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Pororo & Friends Cupcakes

30 Aug

Pororo & Friends Cupcakes

Thank you Esley and hope your friend in Bangkok will have a wonderful surprise!

#happycakestudio #customizedcupcakes #happybirthday #pororo #fondant

Pororo & Friends Pull Apart Cupcakes

11 Jan

For Declan’s 4th Birthday!

Pororo Cake for Kaleb’s 3rd Birthday!

8 Mar


Pororo & Friends cake for Josh’s 2nd birthday! 

1 Mar


Pororo Pull-apart Cupcakes for Xinru’s 4th birthday! – Fresh Cream

6 Feb

Pororo and Friends Cupcakes for Lucas’s 4th birthday! 

8 Jul