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Hello Kitty Cake & Sweet Pink Cupcakes!

15 Dec

IMG_5528 IMG_5550 IMG_5557 IMG_5562 IMG_5569

Bouquet of Cupcakes and All things sweet!

10 Oct

Bouquet of Cupcakes!

New challenge for me!

This gravity defying bouquet of cupcakes was a big headache.

This was my first attempt making a cupcake bouquet and finding a way to make them balance on the cup was challenging!

Can you tell which is fondant and which is not?


Attempted about 2-3 times before I can make them stay and not fall off!

Trick is to place them at 45 degree angle so that it is stable and will stay in place.

Cup of Cuppy Cakes!


Finished off the whole look with some artificial flowers to spruce up the look and to cover the gaps in between the cupcakes!


*(Sad thing was that the butterfly broke off during delivery.. I’m sorry Felicia! Will take extra care for deliveries in future!)

Sweet Pinky Cupcakes!

Felicia also wanted some pretty pink cupcakes to go along with the bouquet!

Blur bunny with her cake!

Mini roses cupcake with drop icing!

Cute Owl Cuppy!

Sweet Ribbon on yummy vanilla buttercream!

Hope these cupcakes made your day! ^-^