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My Melody Cake for Melody & Cindy!

30 Dec


My Melody Cake for Diana

2 Oct

My Melody Cake for Constance! 

12 Jun

My Melody Castle Cake & Cupcakes! 

23 May

For Sherice’s 1st Birthday! 

Hello Kitty & My Melody Cupcakes 

9 Dec

My Melody Cake

20 Aug


Qiu Ling’s Sweet 29 Cupcakes!

10 Dec
Sweet 29 cupcakes!

Sweet 29 cupcakes for Qiu Ling!  =D

Made this for a Sze Huey’s friend!

They wanted to surprise her with something special and meaningful to her, so they decided to make cupcakes!

The top row is to represent her as a modern women with her love of fashion, make-up and branded bags!

Middle row is for all the cute things she love, like Hello Kitty and My Melody!

And the last row is her desire to have a baby and be a sweet new wife.

What a nice and cute personalized surprise!

I hope she gets her wish and have a baby soon!  ;p