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Monkey & Coconut Tree Cake for Zack! 

24 Mar


Jungle Cake

15 Sep

For Lucas’s 2nd birthday!

Animal Cake Pops!

27 Mar

Giraffe, Monkey, Zebra, Tiger Cake Pops! 🙂

Jungle Safari Cake!

21 Jan

With the mix of animals as requested!


Rainbow cake inside! 🙂

Monkey Cake!

28 Sep

My first monkey cake!

A friend of mine – Reiko worked with monkeys everyday and since there were 4 colleagues at her workplace that share September birthdays, she decided to get a monkey cake for them!

I made monkeys to place everywhere around to cake and filled the rest of the cake up with fruits and lots of bananas.

The monkeys came in different poses and expressions with some lazing around, some with shocked looks and even a baby one!

Bananas everywhere!

The cake was topped off with 2 coconut trees at the back to complete the look!

What do you think about it?