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Red, Yellow & White Baby Themed Cake!

4 Apr

For Reann’s 1st Birthday! 🙂

Baby Shower Cake for Baby Charly!

19 Mar


Baby shower cake from Joanne to Janice to welcome Baby Charlotte into this world.

Their theme for the party is lilac and green so I worked the cake around these colours.


Here’s soon-to-be older sister Naomi holding Baby Charly’s hand.

May the sisters relationship be as sweet as how Joanne & Janice’s are! ^-^


*Thank you Janice for the sweet shout-out on her blog.




Baby Shower Cupcakes for Baby Aiden!

29 Dec

IMG_5772 IMG_5787


It’s Baby Aiden’s 1st month birthday and his sweet mum Ivy threw a baby shower to welcome his arrival.

The party is set in a blue and yellow theme with lots of pretty balloons and presents.

I made little baby faces with pacifiers, milk bottles, prams and lots of baby related fondant decos to decorate the cupcakes.

Glad they were well received by the guests! 🙂

Qiu Ling’s Sweet 29 Cupcakes!

10 Dec
Sweet 29 cupcakes!

Sweet 29 cupcakes for Qiu Ling!  =D

Made this for a Sze Huey’s friend!

They wanted to surprise her with something special and meaningful to her, so they decided to make cupcakes!

The top row is to represent her as a modern women with her love of fashion, make-up and branded bags!

Middle row is for all the cute things she love, like Hello Kitty and My Melody!

And the last row is her desire to have a baby and be a sweet new wife.

What a nice and cute personalized surprise!

I hope she gets her wish and have a baby soon!  ;p