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Longevity Peach Fruits Cake for Grandma’s 90th Birthday!

15 Nov

Longevity Peach Fruits Cake for Grandma’s 90th Birthday!

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Longevity Bun Selfie Cake for a Dad’s 60th!

5 Oct

Longevity Bun Buttercream Swirl Cake

12 Sep

For Annie’s 60th Birthday!


Longevity Bun Cupcakes

4 Jun



Longevity Bun Mini Cakes – Heart shape

7 Apr


Pandan Cheese Cake for Grandma’s 78th Birthday!

29 Oct

Had a headache thinking of what to make for my Grandma’s 78th birthday!

She has been a loyal fan of my cakes and I wanted to make something special and different for her.

And since she doesn’t like her cake too sweet, anything fondant-coated is out of the question.

After much consideration, I decided to go with a green-based cheese cake for her as her favorite colour is green and she loves cheese!


Simple pandan cheesecake for Grandma!


I didn’t want to use any colouring for the cake so I tinged it naturally with some blended pandan leaves and it turned out great!

Besides adding a nice natural light green tone to it, the Pandan leaves added a nice fragrance and blended well with the cheese cake!

I topped it off with a cute figurine of my grandma donning clothes in her favourite colour, together with the pair of her favourite pet bunnies and a longevity peach to wish her a long fulfilling life.


Little Fondant figurine of Grandma!


Happy Birthday Grandma!