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Longevity Peach Fruits Cake for Grandma’s 90th Birthday!

15 Nov

Longevity Peach Fruits Cake for Grandma’s 90th Birthday!

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Longevity Bun Selfie Cake for a Dad’s 60th!

5 Oct

Longevity Bun Cake for a Father’s 60th

30 Jan

Longevity Bun Buttercream Swirl Cake

12 Sep

For Annie’s 60th Birthday!

Longevity Bun Cupcakes

14 Aug


Longevity Bun Rose Swirl Cake

19 Jul

For a Grandma’s 83rd Birthday!


Longevity Bun Cupcakes

4 Jun



Longevity Bun Mini Cakes – Heart shape

7 Apr


Strawberries and Cream Fruit Cake!

11 Dec

Strawberries & Cream Fruit Cake! With cute longevity bun decos!

Strawberries & Cream Fruit Cake! With cute mini longevity bun decos!

Made this cake for my boyfriend grandma’s birthday!

She doesn’t like to eat chocolate, therefore we decided to make a strawberry fruit cake for her. The sponge inside is vanilla flavored and and I flavored the cream with kirsch.

It has 3 layers inside and each layer is filled with lots of juicy strawberries!

For grandma's birthday!

For grandma’s birthday!

His family wanted her birthday message to be written in chinese, so I wrote”福如東海, 寿比南山” (fu ru dong hai, shou bi nan shan) which translates to Great Fortune and Longevity! 🙂

Also added on 2 little mini longevity bun decors to represent the message on the cake!

I hope grandma enjoyed the cake and live on to a ripe old age! 🙂


Mini Cakes!

28 Nov

Introducing something New!

Not too long ago, I experimented with making something different.

Something customized and yet smaller and easier to share around!

It’s denser in flavor and really cute!

They are my Fondant mini cakes!

Share your love with these mini cakes! 🙂

It’s good for mini celebrations or giving out as wedding favors!

It’s also customizable to your liking and designs or colours can be changed!

Customizable to your liking!

Sweet Pearly recently requested for me to make some mini cakes with Mocha & Salted Caramel flavour.

It’s a surprise for her dad’s birthday and she wanted some longevity bun figurines on them!

I hand painted the pink shading on the buns one by one to make them look more life-like!

Mini Longevity Bun Cakes!

Ain’t they cute?