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Biology Cupcakes!

13 Oct

Have been so used to making so many cutesy fondant designs when Aza suddenly popped by and requested for some unique cupcakes!

Something different from what I usually work on and drew mixed reactions from people who saw them!

From “eeewww” , “ahhh” or “gross” to “what is that!?”

Biology Cupcakes!

They are Biology – related cupcakes!

From lungs to heart to red blood cells and even eyeball and sperm!

I personally liked the brain one most and had a few trial and errors before deciding on making a 3D pop out one! (More realistic!)

These cupcakes are for a graduation class and sweet Aza got them for her students to “enjoy”!

Would you like to have a bite of this?

I hope that they’re still tempting enough to take a bite out of!

Enjoy the cupcakes and congrats to the students on your graduation! =)