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Rose flavoured Jelly with Nata De Coco

5 Apr

Rose flavoured Jelly with Nata De Coco

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Marine themed Cup Jellies

2 Oct

Sun, Sea and Sand

Marine themed Cup Jellies

#happycakestudio #jelly #marine

Pj Masks colour theme jellies

26 Apr

Pj Masks colour theme jellies to go along with your cake!

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Hello Kitty Jelly

29 Mar

Hello Kitty Jelly

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Thomas the Train Jelly Mango Mousse Cake

11 Oct

Floral Jelly Art 

29 Jun

With fresh mangoes and strawberries!

Floral Jelly Art – Attempt 1 

25 Apr

Cake, Cake pops and Rainbow Jelly for Guinevere’s birthday! :)

13 Feb

My Little Pony Cake (Rarity)!


Pikachu and Giraffe Cake Pops!


Giraffe Cake Pop!


Pikachu Cake Pop!


Rainbow Jelly!

Rainbow Care Bear Party!

9 Jan

IMG_5636 IMG_5555 IMG_5591 IMG_5607

Lovely Rainbow-themed Party!