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Billy and Bam Bam Cake!

26 Aug

For Charlotte’s 1st Birthday!

Fairy Cake for Rei’s 4th Birthday! ^-^

7 Oct


Tinkerbell-inspired Garden Fairy Cake! 🙂

Baby Shower Cake for Baby Charly!

19 Mar


Baby shower cake from Joanne to Janice to welcome Baby Charlotte into this world.

Their theme for the party is lilac and green so I worked the cake around these colours.


Here’s soon-to-be older sister Naomi holding Baby Charly’s hand.

May the sisters relationship be as sweet as how Joanne & Janice’s are! ^-^


*Thank you Janice for the sweet shout-out on her blog.




Bee-Themed Cakes and Cupcakes!

27 Oct
Little Bee Hive on top!

Yvette had arranged this Bee-themed party and she wanted all her cakes and cupcakes to be related to bees.

I drew out a little picture to design the layout of the cake and she loved it!

Bottom tier is a Lychee flavoured butter cake with Lychee buttercream and lots of juicy lychee sandwiched in between the layers.

It has black and yellow stripes just like those on a Bee.

Top tier is a coffee flavoured sponge cake  with coffee buttercream.

The whole perimeter is covered with fences, flowers and butterflies to imitate a garden.

A chocolate flavoured bee hive topped off the whole cake with little bees and honey pots dotting around the cake!

Bees buzzing around some cupcakes~!

She also wanted some more bee-themed cupcakes to add on to it!

With more bees, honey pots and florals!

Hope you had a Bee-tiful celebration! =)

Moshlings Cake!

14 Sep

Didn’t know what a Moshling was until I did this cake!

Jayne wanted 3 characters figurines from this game where you collect and plant different seeds to obtain different Moshlings.

On I go to do lots of research as I know literally nothing about it!

The hand-modelled Moshling figurines!

After much research, I decided to base the cake on a cheerful and colourful garden theme!

Then I begin to hand model the figurines according to the pictures Jayne has sent me.

Added a few colourful details like rainbows, flowers and clouds to brighten the whole cake!

And there u go! My version of the Moshling cake! =D