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Music cake for Divya’s 21st

5 Apr

Sonic & Mario Cake & Cupcakes!

23 Mar


One Piece Ship Cake!

20 Mar

For Kaleb’s 1st Birthday!


With Luffy & Chopper on board the ship!


Floral Birdcage Cake!

4 Mar

For Lovely Kai Mi’s 21st! 🙂

Hello Kitty Car Cake

29 Mar




Sylvester Cake!

19 Dec
Sylvester Cake!

Sylvester Cake!

Made this Sylvester cake within a day’s notice!

Totally rushed to bake, make the ganache and cream the cake!

As time was really tight, I wanted to mould the Sylvester figurine as fast as I could, but I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted it to be. Kept re-doing it for about 4-5 times before it finally looked right!

I think I spent more than an hour on just the figurine alone! -_-”

Sylvester looks like he is up to no good!

Sylvester looks like he is up to no good!

Here’s the close-up of the final Cheeky Sylvester with his bright red scarf and own slice of cake! 🙂

Hello Kitty Key Cake for Rachel!

13 Dec
Rachel's 21st!

Rachel’s 21st!

It’s Rachel’s 21st Birthday and she wanted a special cake to celebrate this milestone in her life! Since hitting 21 years old is representative of hitting adulthood, people normally request for a key which represents more responsibilities, maturity and also freedom!

The key to adulthood and freedom!

The key to adulthood and freedom!

This cake is shaped like a key to represent that and since Rachel also loves Hello Kitty, we incorporated a lot of Hello Kitty designs and elements into the cake!

The whole cake was themed with different shades of pink, hearts and lots of flowers all around!

Close-up of the Hello Kitty figurine!

Close-up of the Hello Kitty figurine!

Congrats on hitting adulthood Rachel! ^_^

Bee-Themed Cakes and Cupcakes!

27 Oct
Little Bee Hive on top!

Yvette had arranged this Bee-themed party and she wanted all her cakes and cupcakes to be related to bees.

I drew out a little picture to design the layout of the cake and she loved it!

Bottom tier is a Lychee flavoured butter cake with Lychee buttercream and lots of juicy lychee sandwiched in between the layers.

It has black and yellow stripes just like those on a Bee.

Top tier is a coffee flavoured sponge cake  with coffee buttercream.

The whole perimeter is covered with fences, flowers and butterflies to imitate a garden.

A chocolate flavoured bee hive topped off the whole cake with little bees and honey pots dotting around the cake!

Bees buzzing around some cupcakes~!

She also wanted some more bee-themed cupcakes to add on to it!

With more bees, honey pots and florals!

Hope you had a Bee-tiful celebration! =)