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All things Chocolate for Xu Yang’s 21st!

27 Mar

All things Chocolate for Xu Yang’s 21st!

We use premium Belgian chocolate to satisfy that chocolate craving!

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Tsum Tsum Cupcakes & Chocolate Strawberry Cake for Rui Xi’s 7th Birthday! 

12 Jul


Chocolate Badminton Cake

14 Jun


Angry Bird Cake and Cupcakes!

29 Nov

Had to rush this cake out with only a day’s notice!

Iris initially told her son that there will be no cake for his birthday this year.. but seeing his disappointed face when he heard the news, she decided to surprise him with one!

I made a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate cupcakes!

While baking, I rushed to make the figurines and prayed hard that they would harden on time!

Then its back to cutting and creaming the cake, setting it and back to the fondant figurines again!

Phew! A whole day’s work – non-stop, but it was all worth it!

Glad that Raphael had a memorable birthday celebration this year! 😀


A Simple Chocolate Cake!

21 Oct

Little Kev and his bike!

Made this small chocolate cake for my brother’s birthday!

Thought my family had enough of being guinea pigs so a small cake would be sufficient!

My brother has a big love on bicycles and enjoys customizing them, so I thought why not make a little bike for him!

Add to it a little figurine of him to complete the cake!

Little Kev – always glued to his mobile!

Cute! ❤