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Pink Floral Buttercream Cake topped with a lovely Crystal Tiara for a Full month celebration!

1 Dec


Clash Royale Wizard Cake for Yuliang!

13 Nov

Gender Reveal Cake for Judy!

31 Oct

Unicorn Cake

22 Sep

Snorlax Buttercream Cake for Kwan

19 Jul

Dump truck, Chip & Mouse Cake 

10 Jul

This cake was painstakingly designed by a sweet mummy for her little ones! 

Every detail and even fruits carefully planned out! 
Hope you guys had a wonderful celebration! 

Rainbow Ballerina Cake 

30 Jun

For Xin Yi’s 2nd Birthday! 

Mahjong Buttercream Cake 

27 May


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake (TMNT)

17 Oct


Longevity Bun Rose Swirl Cake

19 Jul

For a Grandma’s 83rd Birthday!