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Sporty Cake for Amit!

20 Mar

Cake for Gunjan’s super sporty husband!

It was a joy making this for you guys!

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Shimmer and Shine Cake for Cheryl!

6 Feb

Pokémon Kyogre Cake for Yuxi’s 5th Birthday!

21 Dec

Pink Floral Buttercream Cake topped with a lovely Crystal Tiara for a Full month celebration!

1 Dec

Clash Royale Wizard Cake for Yuliang!

13 Nov

Gender Reveal Cake for Judy!

31 Oct

Unicorn Cake

22 Sep

Snorlax Buttercream Cake for Kwan

19 Jul

Dump truck, Chip & Mouse Cake 

10 Jul

This cake was painstakingly designed by a sweet mummy for her little ones! 

Every detail and even fruits carefully planned out! 
Hope you guys had a wonderful celebration! 

Rainbow Ballerina Cake 

30 Jun

For Xin Yi’s 2nd Birthday!