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Cute cake for a lovely wife and mum! 

24 Jan


Red, Yellow & White Baby Themed Cake!

4 Apr

For Reann’s 1st Birthday! 🙂

Hello Kitty Party for Baby Elena!

1 Jan

Hello Kitty Cake for Cute Baby Elena!


Strawberry Yoghurt Desserts!


With a generous topping of fresh mangos and strawberries! 😛


Baby Elena with her lovely sweet parents! 🙂


Thanks Tanya for the support! 🙂

Cute Dragon Cake!

10 Oct

IMG_0952 IMG_0959

Cute Dragon Cake for Jun Xian’s 1st Birthday!

Qiu Ling’s Sweet 29 Cupcakes!

10 Dec
Sweet 29 cupcakes!

Sweet 29 cupcakes for Qiu Ling!  =D

Made this for a Sze Huey’s friend!

They wanted to surprise her with something special and meaningful to her, so they decided to make cupcakes!

The top row is to represent her as a modern women with her love of fashion, make-up and branded bags!

Middle row is for all the cute things she love, like Hello Kitty and My Melody!

And the last row is her desire to have a baby and be a sweet new wife.

What a nice and cute personalized surprise!

I hope she gets her wish and have a baby soon!  ;p

Super Heroes Cake!

31 Oct

Made this Super Heroes tier cake for Baby Jaeven recently!

His mum had arranged this really cute party where they dressed up as super heroes!

Mum was wonder woman and baby Jaeven  was Superman!

It was so cute! OMG! ❤

Super Heros Cake!

I really had fun making this cake! It was nerve-wrecking to deliver but I’m glad it arrived perfect!

Bottom tier is Captain America with dense chocolate cake and chocolate fudge!

Middle Tier is Spiderman with rich red velvet cake and top tier is Superman with light coffee sponge and coffee buttercream!

The cake was topped off with a figurine of Baby Jaeven in cute diapers and a red cape with his initials on it!

Baby Jaeven with a red cape!


I hope you guys had a wonderful celebration! =D