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iPhone Candy Crush Cake!

22 Feb

For a Grandpa’s 73rd Birthday! 🙂

Little Twin Stars Cake!

17 Dec
Little Twin Stars!

Little Twin Stars!

My brother wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a cake and told me to make a Little Twin Stars one!

She has a pouch that has a Little Twin Stars design and he keeps making fun of it! 🙂

Kiki & Lala!

Kiki & Lala!

The cake base inside is red velvet with not-so-sweet cream cheese filling!

I’ve decided to base the cake on light dreamy colors as they are angel-like characters and live on the clouds.

The sides were decorated with clouds and sweet little details such as a little bunny and a sheep.

Glad you guys liked the cake! ^^

Angry Bird Cake and Cupcakes!

29 Nov

Had to rush this cake out with only a day’s notice!

Iris initially told her son that there will be no cake for his birthday this year.. but seeing his disappointed face when he heard the news, she decided to surprise him with one!

I made a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate cupcakes!

While baking, I rushed to make the figurines and prayed hard that they would harden on time!

Then its back to cutting and creaming the cake, setting it and back to the fondant figurines again!

Phew! A whole day’s work – non-stop, but it was all worth it!

Glad that Raphael had a memorable birthday celebration this year! 😀


Korin (from Dragon Ball) Cake!

19 Oct

Happy Birthday Alex!

Korin Cake for Alex!

Stella wanted a Korin cake to celebrate Alex’s birthday but she wasn’t sure what to put on the cake besides Korin.

Did my research and chatted with my boyfriend who’s also a Dragon Ball fan and found a few ideas!

We’ve decided to go with a sky theme and decorate them with prominent elements from the Dragon Ball cartoon.

Made 7 of the “Dragon Balls” with 1-7 stars on it and decorated them all around the cake. There is a meaning behind these 7 balls in the cartoon. In the story, once you’ve gotten all 7 balls, it has the ability to call forth the Eternal Dragon, who can grant wishes to anyone.

I thought that this was rather meaningful and really suitable for a birthday celebration!

Hope you guys enjoyed the cake and had your wishes granted too! =)

Sponge Bob Cake!

14 Oct

Sponge Bob cake for Min Yi!

Albert wanted a 3 kg chocolate fudge cake for Min Yi’s 21st!

Tried out my new chocolate cake recipe and they loved it!

Mr Square Pants!


Will work on improving my recipes soon! =)

Precious Moments Cake

25 Sep

Sweet Pink and White Theme!

Precious Moments Cake for 1-year old Jovis!

Lucky baby girl has sweet doting parents who got this cake for her.

The whole cake is decorated with sweet pink, white and purple mini flowers, butterflies and ribbons.

Final touch is topped off with a Precious Moments figurine!