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Selamat Hari Raya!

24 May

Blueberry Chocolate Cupcakes!

13 Feb

Blueberry Chocolate Cupcakes!

#happycakestudio #blueberrychoc #cupcakes

Coffee Cup Cake for Ah Poh!

3 Aug

Coffee Cup Cake for Ah Poh!

#happycakestudio #fondant #customizedcakes #coffee #happybirthday

Dinosaur Cake & Cupcake Toppers

2 Aug

Dinosaur Cake for Little Nathan’s 1st Birthday!

24 Jul

Dinosaur Cake for Little Nathan’s 1st Birthday!

Appreciative of Nathan’s wonderful and really understanding parents.

#happycakestudio #fondant #customizedcakes #1stbirthday #dinosaur

Cupcake Boxes with Window & Inserts 2s 6s 12s

5 Dec

2s – $1 each

6s – $2 each

12s – $3.50 each

Gold Bar Cake

27 Oct

Pokemon Pikachu Cake for Jayolas! 

16 Nov

Pokemon Snorlax Cake for Jacq’s 20th!

13 Oct

Pokemon – Vulpix Cake 

3 Oct

For Akaash’s 10th birthday!