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Sponge Bob Cake

1 Jul

Lion King cake for Sara’s 4th!

23 Jun
Had issues previously with a cake and felt so bad that the girls couldn’t have a nice celebration! So thankful that they still had faith in me and decided to place another order again for Sara’s. It was such a huge pleasure baking for you guys again and I’m glad you had a good time!

Lion King Cake for Sara’s 4th!
Happy Birthday Sara and may you grow up into a really kind and loving person! Thank you so much Freeha and family!

3D Durian Cake

22 Jun

Super Dad Cake!

21 Jun

LOL Surprise cake for Tiffany!

19 Jun

LOL Surprise cake for Tiffany!
Have a blessed birthday! 😘

#happycakestudio #lolsurprise #fondant #happybirthday #handmade #customizedcakes

Bright Rosettes for a sweet mummy!

30 May

Bright Rosettes for a sweet mummy!

#happycakestudio #customizedcakes #rosettes

Piped Florals Cake for Mum!

28 May
Piped Florals Cake for Mum!
Any day is a good day to treat mum right for all the sacrifices she has made!

#happycakestudio #floralcake #customizedcakes

Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake for Mum!

16 May
Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake for Mum!
Lots of pure durian goodness!
Only the best for mum!
#happycakestudio #msw

Specially requested Durian Cake for Mum!

15 May
Specially requested Durian Cake for Mum!
#happycakestudio #customcakes #mumcakes #pink #mothersday

Super Mario Cake for Asher’s 5th!

31 Mar

Super Mario Cake for Asher’s 5th!
#happycakestudio #customizedcakes #supermario #happybirthday #fondant