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Wedding Cake with Bride & Groom Cupcakes! 

19 Mar




Floral Lace Cake for W & S’s wedding! 

25 Nov


Panda Cake for a sweet 20th Anniversary! 

13 Feb

Noel and Daphne’s Wedding Cupcakes!

2 Jul

IMG_9628 IMG_9644 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo6 photo7

Wedding Cake for Raymond & Deshiell!

9 Mar

Surprise Cake for a Wedding!
Congrats Raymond and Deshiell!

Wedding Cake with all the things that the couple love!

24 Jan

IMG_5723 IMG_5760 IMG_5767 IMG_5776

Bridesmaids Cupcakes!

18 Jan


Bridesmaids Cupcakes!
From the Sweet Bride to her Bridesmaids!

Betrothal Day (Guo Da Li) Cupcakes!

15 Jan

IMG_5640 logo IMG_5644

With the Bride and Groom’s traditional chinese outfits and the dowry jewelry (Si dian jing)! =)

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel themed ROM event!

29 Oct

IMG_1607 IMG_1627 IMG_1598

Congrats to Allen & Jhoyce for their sweet & wonderful Union! =)

Proposal Cake – 30.03.13

1 Apr


We were so thrilled when we received news that we could be part of a proposal plan!

The theme of the cake is the location of the proposal site. The bride-to-be loves water so the groom-to-be, Charmaine and friends planned for it to be by the riverside at an exact bench. How sweet!! ♥


Proposal was definitely a success!
Thank you for letting us be a part of this sweet journey and Congrats on the Engagement! ^_^