Archive | March, 2016

Monkey & Coconut Tree Cake for Zack! 

24 Mar



No.6 Spiderman Cake for Luther’s Birthday! 

23 Mar


Wedding Cake with Bride & Groom Cupcakes! 

19 Mar



Favourite Toys Cake, Cake pops and Minecraft Cupcakes for Cosmo’s 5th! 

18 Mar


Chanel Bag for Lay Kim’s 50th Birthday!

17 Mar


Doraemon & Stitch Cake 

16 Mar


Line – Cony Cake

15 Mar


Pororo Cake for Kaleb’s 3rd Birthday!

8 Mar


Mickey Cake and Cupcakes for Mylo’s 1st Birthday! 

6 Mar



VapoRub Cake 

4 Mar