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Angry Bird Cake and Cupcakes!

29 Nov

Had to rush this cake out with only a day’s notice!

Iris initially told her son that there will be no cake for his birthday this year.. but seeing his disappointed face when he heard the news, she decided to surprise him with one!

I made a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate cupcakes!

While baking, I rushed to make the figurines and prayed hard that they would harden on time!

Then its back to cutting and creaming the cake, setting it and back to the fondant figurines again!

Phew! A whole day’s work – non-stop, but it was all worth it!

Glad that Raphael had a memorable birthday celebration this year! 😀


Mini Cakes!

28 Nov

Introducing something New!

Not too long ago, I experimented with making something different.

Something customized and yet smaller and easier to share around!

It’s denser in flavor and really cute!

They are my Fondant mini cakes!

Share your love with these mini cakes! 🙂

It’s good for mini celebrations or giving out as wedding favors!

It’s also customizable to your liking and designs or colours can be changed!

Customizable to your liking!

Sweet Pearly recently requested for me to make some mini cakes with Mocha & Salted Caramel flavour.

It’s a surprise for her dad’s birthday and she wanted some longevity bun figurines on them!

I hand painted the pink shading on the buns one by one to make them look more life-like!

Mini Longevity Bun Cakes!

Ain’t they cute?

Black Rose Cake!

27 Nov

Made this cake for a friend’s sister who’s celebrating her 21st birthday!

She liked simple elegant stuff and didn’t want too many colours on the cake.

She has also seen the roses I’ve made on other cakes and loved them so we’ve decided to keep things simple and make a black rose as the centre of attraction!

The base colour of the cake was kept as plain white and I added some quilted designs by the side together with touch of edible silver balls to add some bling to the cake.

To complete the look, 2 smaller roses and a small spray of silver dust were added for some extra shine.

My friend also made a pretty satin cake stand with her sister’s name in crystals to go along with the cake and it matches so well!

Gorgeous! =)