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Korin (from Dragon Ball) Cake!

19 Oct

Happy Birthday Alex!

Korin Cake for Alex!

Stella wanted a Korin cake to celebrate Alex’s birthday but she wasn’t sure what to put on the cake besides Korin.

Did my research and chatted with my boyfriend who’s also a Dragon Ball fan and found a few ideas!

We’ve decided to go with a sky theme and decorate them with prominent elements from the Dragon Ball cartoon.

Made 7 of the “Dragon Balls” with 1-7 stars on it and decorated them all around the cake. There is a meaning behind these 7 balls in the cartoon. In the story, once you’ve gotten all 7 balls, it has the ability to call forth the Eternal Dragon, who can grant wishes to anyone.

I thought that this was rather meaningful and really suitable for a birthday celebration!

Hope you guys enjoyed the cake and had your wishes granted too! =)