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Halloween Cookies and Cupcakes!

4 Oct

In preparation for the upcoming Halloween, I’ve made some cookies and cupcakes to get into the spooky mood!

Dark chocolate and gloomy colours are the base of my designs. What do you think of them?

Halloween Cookies!

Spooked ghost with a smiling Jack-o-lantern!

That shiny pair of eyes that follow you in the dark!

Witches come out at night!

Spooky Cupcakes!

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

4 Oct

Hello Kitty Cupcake

Kitty Cupcakes for Susan!

Both 3D and flat!

With blueberry and lemon flavoured cupcakes!

Hello Kitty – Flat design

And she gets to have a cake too! (though she can’t get to eat it – no mouth!) =)

Hello Kitty gets her cake!