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Super Heroes Cake!

31 Oct

Made this Super Heroes tier cake for Baby Jaeven recently!

His mum had arranged this really cute party where they dressed up as super heroes!

Mum was wonder woman and baby Jaeven  was Superman!

It was so cute! OMG! ❤

Super Heros Cake!

I really had fun making this cake! It was nerve-wrecking to deliver but I’m glad it arrived perfect!

Bottom tier is Captain America with dense chocolate cake and chocolate fudge!

Middle Tier is Spiderman with rich red velvet cake and top tier is Superman with light coffee sponge and coffee buttercream!

The cake was topped off with a figurine of Baby Jaeven in cute diapers and a red cape with his initials on it!

Baby Jaeven with a red cape!


I hope you guys had a wonderful celebration! =D


Chocolate cupcakes with Arsenal Jersey!

30 Oct

Mini Arsenal Jerseys!

Sweet Katherine got these chocolate cupcakes to surprise her hubby on his birthday!

She requested for his birthday wishes to be written in traditional chinese!

Nice and simple!

Glad you guys liked the cupcakes! =)

Pandan Cheese Cake for Grandma’s 78th Birthday!

29 Oct

Had a headache thinking of what to make for my Grandma’s 78th birthday!

She has been a loyal fan of my cakes and I wanted to make something special and different for her.

And since she doesn’t like her cake too sweet, anything fondant-coated is out of the question.

After much consideration, I decided to go with a green-based cheese cake for her as her favorite colour is green and she loves cheese!


Simple pandan cheesecake for Grandma!


I didn’t want to use any colouring for the cake so I tinged it naturally with some blended pandan leaves and it turned out great!

Besides adding a nice natural light green tone to it, the Pandan leaves added a nice fragrance and blended well with the cheese cake!

I topped it off with a cute figurine of my grandma donning clothes in her favourite colour, together with the pair of her favourite pet bunnies and a longevity peach to wish her a long fulfilling life.


Little Fondant figurine of Grandma!


Happy Birthday Grandma!

Bee-Themed Cakes and Cupcakes!

27 Oct
Little Bee Hive on top!

Yvette had arranged this Bee-themed party and she wanted all her cakes and cupcakes to be related to bees.

I drew out a little picture to design the layout of the cake and she loved it!

Bottom tier is a Lychee flavoured butter cake with Lychee buttercream and lots of juicy lychee sandwiched in between the layers.

It has black and yellow stripes just like those on a Bee.

Top tier is a coffee flavoured sponge cake  with coffee buttercream.

The whole perimeter is covered with fences, flowers and butterflies to imitate a garden.

A chocolate flavoured bee hive topped off the whole cake with little bees and honey pots dotting around the cake!

Bees buzzing around some cupcakes~!

She also wanted some more bee-themed cupcakes to add on to it!

With more bees, honey pots and florals!

Hope you had a Bee-tiful celebration! =)

A Simple Chocolate Cake!

21 Oct

Little Kev and his bike!

Made this small chocolate cake for my brother’s birthday!

Thought my family had enough of being guinea pigs so a small cake would be sufficient!

My brother has a big love on bicycles and enjoys customizing them, so I thought why not make a little bike for him!

Add to it a little figurine of him to complete the cake!

Little Kev – always glued to his mobile!

Cute! ❤

Korin (from Dragon Ball) Cake!

19 Oct

Happy Birthday Alex!

Korin Cake for Alex!

Stella wanted a Korin cake to celebrate Alex’s birthday but she wasn’t sure what to put on the cake besides Korin.

Did my research and chatted with my boyfriend who’s also a Dragon Ball fan and found a few ideas!

We’ve decided to go with a sky theme and decorate them with prominent elements from the Dragon Ball cartoon.

Made 7 of the “Dragon Balls” with 1-7 stars on it and decorated them all around the cake. There is a meaning behind these 7 balls in the cartoon. In the story, once you’ve gotten all 7 balls, it has the ability to call forth the Eternal Dragon, who can grant wishes to anyone.

I thought that this was rather meaningful and really suitable for a birthday celebration!

Hope you guys enjoyed the cake and had your wishes granted too! =)

Cupcakes on a journey!

18 Oct

Bon Voyage!

These cupcakes were gotten by Bernard for a friend who is leaving Singapore and moving to Europe!

With special requested flavours inside!

Chocolate Hazelnut and Banana Raisin cupcakes!

May you settle well and have a great new life ahead! =)

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes!

14 Oct

Mini Cuppies!

Had this last minute request from Verlene to make some mini chocolate cupcakes for her son’s first birthday!

Sweet Verlene wanted some cupcakes for Ashven to bring to school to share with his classmates!

Knowing that Ashven loves cars, I made some little cars to decorate the cupcakes with!

Thank you for supporting again, Verlene!

Sponge Bob Cake!

14 Oct

Sponge Bob cake for Min Yi!

Albert wanted a 3 kg chocolate fudge cake for Min Yi’s 21st!

Tried out my new chocolate cake recipe and they loved it!

Mr Square Pants!


Will work on improving my recipes soon! =)

Biology Cupcakes!

13 Oct

Have been so used to making so many cutesy fondant designs when Aza suddenly popped by and requested for some unique cupcakes!

Something different from what I usually work on and drew mixed reactions from people who saw them!

From “eeewww” , “ahhh” or “gross” to “what is that!?”

Biology Cupcakes!

They are Biology – related cupcakes!

From lungs to heart to red blood cells and even eyeball and sperm!

I personally liked the brain one most and had a few trial and errors before deciding on making a 3D pop out one! (More realistic!)

These cupcakes are for a graduation class and sweet Aza got them for her students to “enjoy”!

Would you like to have a bite of this?

I hope that they’re still tempting enough to take a bite out of!

Enjoy the cupcakes and congrats to the students on your graduation! =)