Baby Shower Cake!

6 Sep

Baby Shower Cake for Baby Kahssie!

Recently did a Baby Shower Cake for a cousin of mine who just came back from HK!

She’s a year younger than me and this is her 2nd birth! (I’m not even married yet -.-“)

She wanted a 2 kg chocolate fudge cake and left all the designing to me.

Since this cake is for a baby girl, I decided to base the colour theme of the cake in sweet pink and purple pastels.

Close-up of the Little Baby Girl with her very own slice of cake!

I made a little Baby Kahssie with her own slice of cake with strawberries and cream topping as the main topper. And since Baby Kahssie is born in the year of the dragon (Xiao Long Nu!), I decided to make a little red baby dragon to accompany her by her side.

The rest of the cake was decorated in many little pink fondant designs related to a baby girl (milk bottle, teddy bear, towel, booties, rattle etc). Little strawberries and flowers were also placed around the cake to sweeten the look. I’m pleased with the results!



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