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Donatello Cake – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

29 Sep

Had this cake request from Michelle’s good friend!

She wanted a cake to surprise her boyfriend on his 25th birthday!

And since he liked TMNT since he was a kid, she decided to put it on a cake for him!

Donatello from TMNT!

Happened that this is one of my favourite childhood cartoons too, so I was quite familiar with the characters! (Raphael is my fave!)

I carved Donatello out of fondant and outlined it with black royal icing!

While decorating, I found the sides a little plain, so I made the weapons of his other team members with their personal colored headbands to add on!

Made a little 3D Donatello head too, to be placed beside the birthday wishes!

Dylan’s 25th Surprise!

Hope Dylan had a nice and enjoyable surprise from his girlfriend! =D

Monkey Cake!

28 Sep

My first monkey cake!

A friend of mine – Reiko worked with monkeys everyday and since there were 4 colleagues at her workplace that share September birthdays, she decided to get a monkey cake for them!

I made monkeys to place everywhere around to cake and filled the rest of the cake up with fruits and lots of bananas.

The monkeys came in different poses and expressions with some lazing around, some with shocked looks and even a baby one!

Bananas everywhere!

The cake was topped off with 2 coconut trees at the back to complete the look!

What do you think about it?

Doraemon Cupcakes!

25 Sep

Gin got these Red Velvet Doraemon Cupcakes for a friend’s birthday!

She asked for a few flat Doraemon faces and 1 3D Doraemon to decorate the cupcakes.

Doraemon Cupcakes with a 3D one in the centre! 

All the Doraemons comes with different expressions and feelings!

Some sad, angry, shocked, happy, cheeky or just plain bored!

All with different expressions! =)

Love the one with a cheeky tongue! :p

Customized Cookies!

25 Sep

Recently tried making customized cookies!

Used my favourite butter cookie recipe for the base.

It was really fun working with a different decorating medium for a change and there are so many possibilities for different designs.

Below are a few of the cookies I’ve decorated!

Will definitely make more of these when I have the time!

Sweet Heart Cookies!

Baby Shower Cookies?

For the Doggy Lover!

Car Cookie! Suitable for little boys or Car lovers!

Cupid’s Arrow!

UnBEARably-Cute Cookie!

Dinosaur Cookie! T-Rex gets a cute revamp!

Bunny Cookie! My favourite one!

Precious Moments Cake

25 Sep

Sweet Pink and White Theme!

Precious Moments Cake for 1-year old Jovis!

Lucky baby girl has sweet doting parents who got this cake for her.

The whole cake is decorated with sweet pink, white and purple mini flowers, butterflies and ribbons.

Final touch is topped off with a Precious Moments figurine!


Black Chanel Bag Cake

20 Sep

Made a Black Chanel Bag Cake!

Cake inside is red velvet with yummy cream cheese frosting!

Linda has gotten this bag as a surprise for her boss!

Her boss has the exact same bag with the same colour!

They were reluctant to cut the cake but I told Linda that at least she had an actual one to admire after the cake is all gone!

She also requested for a Chanel lipstick to go along as a side decoration.

After adding the quilting details to the bag, I added a pink “fabric” and red roses to soften and sweeten the look!

Linda was glad to find out that the whole cake is edible and is pleased with the results! =D

Moshlings Cake!

14 Sep

Didn’t know what a Moshling was until I did this cake!

Jayne wanted 3 characters figurines from this game where you collect and plant different seeds to obtain different Moshlings.

On I go to do lots of research as I know literally nothing about it!

The hand-modelled Moshling figurines!

After much research, I decided to base the cake on a cheerful and colourful garden theme!

Then I begin to hand model the figurines according to the pictures Jayne has sent me.

Added a few colourful details like rainbows, flowers and clouds to brighten the whole cake!

And there u go! My version of the Moshling cake! =D

Harry “Doggy” Potter Cupcakes! ;p

13 Sep

My brother’s colleague, Denise recently ordered some cupcakes.

She’s celebrating 2 of her close friends birthday on the same day and she wanted cupcakes!

But she’s in a dilemma! The problem is that one of them like Dogs and the other loves Harry Potter.

So I told her, why not combine them both?

Since they are both close friends, I thought it’ll be cute and enjoyable!

Here they are! (Love the one on the broomstick!)  =)

Doggy Cupcakes with Harry Potter elements everywhere!

Baby Shower Cake!

6 Sep

Baby Shower Cake for Baby Kahssie!

Recently did a Baby Shower Cake for a cousin of mine who just came back from HK!

She’s a year younger than me and this is her 2nd birth! (I’m not even married yet -.-“)

She wanted a 2 kg chocolate fudge cake and left all the designing to me.

Since this cake is for a baby girl, I decided to base the colour theme of the cake in sweet pink and purple pastels.

Close-up of the Little Baby Girl with her very own slice of cake!

I made a little Baby Kahssie with her own slice of cake with strawberries and cream topping as the main topper. And since Baby Kahssie is born in the year of the dragon (Xiao Long Nu!), I decided to make a little red baby dragon to accompany her by her side.

The rest of the cake was decorated in many little pink fondant designs related to a baby girl (milk bottle, teddy bear, towel, booties, rattle etc). Little strawberries and flowers were also placed around the cake to sweeten the look. I’m pleased with the results!